FB Code Generator

Tools to get FB Code which contain facebook access_token

Before use, read this information:

  1. Before login, You must be logged into your Facebook account from your this browser first!
  2. If your Facebook Login Two Steps Verification is activated, Please check your notifications and confirm new login device and save, then try to generate the FB Code.
  3. If the FB Code doesn't appear, please use capable browser such as Google Chrome, etc.
  4. To protect your account, You can only generate your FB Code once, please save your last FB Code so you can directly enter your old FB Code for next time login. You can generate your new FB Code if your old FB Code is expired or if you can't login using your old FB code.

Plese follow step by step

#STEP 1 : Login Using Your Facebook Account

Note: We not save your password, because this method make you connect to facebook server directly.

#STEP 2 : Copy All Text From The FB Code Result Above

  • #STEP 3 : Paste It Into The Fb Code Box Below

    We recommended you to save this page, so that you not always generate Fb Code